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"Southall populates this delightful, fast-paced adventure through history, the second installment of the Order of Time series, with resourceful tweens and snarling monsters." Editors Pick - BookLife

"A lively, entertaining time-travel tale that nicely blends history, myth, and adventure." Kirkus Reviews



Coming on January 20, 2022 - Available for Pre-Order

Anastasia and Edward Upston are summoned to the Order of Time’s London headquarters to provide testimony. Their friend and mentor Dr. Alfred Gregorian has been charged with violating the time-traveling society’s rules in relation to their trip to ancient Egypt. The twelve-year-old twins are determined to defend Dr. G and to get a closer look at the inner workings of the Order and its secret academy.


Their trip to London doesn’t go according to plan and the twins unexpectedly find themselves stuck a thousand years in the past during the Viking Age. Getting home becomes secondary when they are caught in the midst of a power struggle between Odin and Loki that could instigate the end of the Nine Realms. Surviving long enough for Dr. G and the Order to rescue them may be the hardest thing they ever do. If they can ….


"A rollickingly entertaining novel, Scott P. Southall's book is firmly rooted in the popular imagination and hits a bulls-eye with its mixture of classic action-adventure elements.  5 Stars - Reader's Favorite

"The Order of Time and Odin's Door feels like a hybrid between Harry Potter, Spy Kids, and the Golden Compass franchises. If you love wild fantasy adventure tales, this is the book for you." 5 Stars - Pikasho Deka

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